Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation and Repair


American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation offers many distinct manhole rehabilitation solutions.

Rehabilitation Methods

  • Injection Grout Sealing
  • American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation has expertise in performing injection grouting to eliminate infiltration and extraneous water into the manhole interior. We utilize AV-100 grout supplied Avanti International. Visit Avanti International website for further information.

  • Cementitious
  • We perform cementitious manhole rehabilitation using products that are blended specifically for the job at hand. These unique, high-strength formulations allow a monolithic 1/2 inch to 5 inch one pass spray application that helps restore structural integrity to deteriorating manholes and provides a permanent seal against corrosion, infiltration and ex-filtration.

  • Epoxy
  • Our technicians use a wide range of 100% solids epoxy coating that can be applied up to 0.100" (100 mils) in one or two multi-pass coats and is designed for use where corrosion is anticipated or known to be moderately aggressive (pH > 1.0, H2S < 100 ppm).
These products are also ideal for a combination approach. Typically the cementitious product is applied to smooth the manhole wall and corbel areas and then an epoxy topping or topcoat is utilized for additional structural strength and long term performance.

Repair Methods

  • New Frames and Covers
  • American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation's crews are able to install new frames and covers or reset and adjust those currently being utilized.

  • Internal or External Rubber Seals
  • American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation's crews are able to install Internal Chimney Seals which are designed to reduce surcharging/bypassing and to lower pumping and treatment costs in a sanitary sewer system. In addition, American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation’s crews can install external manhole Chimney seals. The external seals utilized can span a height of 26 inches without the need for extensions and can also be used above or below grade.

  • Rain Dishes
  • American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation can install manhole rain dishes. The rain dishes that are utilized are a long lasting product that eliminates flow of rain water into the sanitary sewer system. Added advantages are the elimination of debris and dirt and reduction of manhole odors and manhole cover rattle noise.