HDD/Air Impactor Pipebursting


The American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation Impactor line of pipe bursting pneumatic devices combine pipe bursting and Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) technology. The resultant system provides a revolutionary method of replacing water and wastewater mainline pipes.With a American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation HDD/Impactor pipe-bursting system you can typically install new pipe at a faster rate than with traditional pipe bursting systems. And, you can do it with an overall reduction in the amount of manual labor generally required.

The EPA projects that a large part of the water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the USA will need to be replaced over the next 20 years. Experts suggest that the cost of replacement could be as high as $1 trillion.

This market holds huge potential for utility contractors experienced in horizontal directional drilling as well as those new to the HDD market.

Pipe-Bursting with American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation Impactor System. Just Another Drill Job

  1. HDD is connected to the air supply and positioned to drill out to a manhole. Setting up in a grassy right of way can help to significantly reduce traffic disruption.
  2. The stem is pushed through to the next manhole and drilled up to the launch site. Stem can be pushed through partially collapsed pipes - eliminating the need to pothole and clear blockages.
  3. The new pipe can be fused in advance or in process when space is restricted. The pipe is connected to the IMPACTOR device via an HDPE adaptor.
  4. The IMPACTOR device is attached to the drill stem, then pulled into the old pipe. When pulled back in, the IMPACTOR system activates and bursts the old pipe. When the operator stops pulling, the IMPACTOR device stops.
  5. Excavation can be significantly reduced by retrieving the IMPACTOR from the receiving manhole.